TS Temperature Sensors

TS Series

Fiber optic thermometer systems are also available for rent!
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Select the TS temperature sensor best suited for your application:

  • TS2, for general purpose R&D, power transformers and industrial applications
  • TS2p, for general purpose R&D, bare 0.3mmx0.3mm GaAs crystal for measuring temperature of smallest surface areas such as semiconductor chips and other small samples (small vials, etc.) too large for TS3 or TS5 probes 
  • TS3, for general purpose R&D, RF and microwave applications, where a rigid-type probe (versus TS2) for insertion into soft media (liquid, gel, powder, food) is desired
  • TS4, for  harsh chemical and nuclear conditions
  • TS5, for medical applications and where smallest profile required
  • TS Trafo, for oil-filled transformer applications
  • TS Multipoint, for special bundled multipoint/multiprobe applications

FOTEMP Signal Conditioners come in a range of form factors – Handheld, Bench Top, DIN Rail, Rack Mount, OEM PCB and OEM Module.

Micronor now offers a complete range of fiber optic temperature sensors, probes and interfaces for temperature measurement in challenging environments. TS series fiber optic temperature probes offer immunity to RF and microwave radiation along with wide temperature range, intrinsic safety and non-invasive use. The fiber optic temperature probes can operate over -200°C to +300°C (-328°F to +572°C), and withstand harsh and corrosive environments. Typical fiber optic temperature monitoring applications include:

  • Process monitoring
  • Power transformers
  • Medical environments
  • Catheter instrumentation
  • Harsh chemical conditions, including radiation environments.

The TS series fiber optic temperature probes consist of a gallium arsenide (GaAs) semiconductor crystal that is mounted on the end of an optical fiber. The principle of operation is based on the temperature dependence of the band gap of GaAs. With Egap=1.423eV at 872nm at 300°K; then dE/dT=0.452meV/°K at 300°K. The block diagram below illustrates how the fiber optic temperature measurement system works.