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THOMSON MICRON Replacement Position Transducers

Micronor specializes in manufacturing position sensors, encoders, resolvers, rotary limit switches, data packs and position transducers of all types and techology – from yaw sensors for wind turbines, to azimuth/elevation data packages for satellite ground antennas, to replacement feedback units for CNC machines. For new applications, click on this Position Transducer Link for information on our standard products and engineered solutions.

Micronor maintains an extensive technical library of feedback transducer configurations formerly manufactured by Thomson Micron, Eucron, Neotech, Crouzet, Baumer, GE, Kebby, and others. We can produce BRAND NEW plug-and-play replacements to keep your older CNC machine operating happily!

Range of products include:

  • Micron packages from 2.5″ to 7.5″ OD
  • 36 Series Geared Resolvers
  • 39 Series Hand Wheels/Manual Pulse Generators
  • 45 Series Rotary Limit Switches
  • 50 Series Geared Resolver/Limit Switch Combinations
  • 55 Series Geared Encoders and Geared Encoder/Limit Switch combinations
  • 73 Series Replacement Resolver

We stock several popular models used on OEM CNC machinery by Giddings & Lewis, Strippit, Hardinge, Paper Converting Machine Co., MarquipWardUnit, R.A. Jones and Wayne Trail Technologies. Only the most popular models are listed here so please contact us concerning your specific Micron or Eucron model.

Contact Sales at Micronor Sensors at (805)389-6600 or concerning your Neotech or similar replacement position transducer requirements.

>>Our Specialty is Plug-And-Play MICRON and NEOTECH Replacements