Position Transducers

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February 20, 2015
April 14, 2016

Position Transducers

Micronor specializes in engineering and manufacturing position sensors, encoders, resolvers, rotary limit switches, data packs and position transducers of all types and technology. Applications include:

  • Yaw sensors for wind turbines
  • Position feedback for hydroelectric dam gate control
  • Azimuth & elevation data packages for satellite ground antennas
  • Radiation resistant units for nuclear robotic applications
  • Feedback units for CNC machines

Micronor offers a full range of position transducer solutions based on any combination of sensors and gearing. We offer both standard products as well as custom engineered solutions. Quantities can be from 1 to 1000.

  • Incremental encoders
  • Absolute encoders
  • Resolvers
  • Potentiometers
  • Tachometers
  • Rotary limit switches
  • Torque motors

We are also specialists in engineering and manufacturing new plug-and-play replacements for obsolete Thomson Micron, Eucron, Neotech, Baumer, Crouzet, GE, Kebby position transducers. For information specifically about these replacement units, go to the MICRON Replacement Position Transducers category.

For additional information and quotations, contact Sales at Micronor Inc. with your special position transducer requirements.

Wide Range of Position Sensor Technologies Available

Micronor position transducers can incorporate a broad range of technologies – electromechanical, electrical, optical, magnetic and fiber optic. This article surveys the pros and cons of the various technologies, Sensing The Motion: Rotary Position Sensors – Electromechanical, Electronic and Fiber Optic, Power Transmission Engineering Magazine, August 2010.


MR322 Sensor

MR322 series Incremental Encoder offers 100-360ppr resolution in an industry standard Size 58mm encoder housing. The sensor is ideal for motor speed control and low resolution position monitoring. Like all of Micronor’s fiber optic encoders, the MR322 is a passive sensor which is immune to EMI and is ATEX classified as a “simple apparatus” for use in all manner of hazardous locations and explosive environments. Standard temperate range is -40° to +80°C while the Extended Temperature option can operate over -60°C to +150°C

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MR328 Sensor

MR328 MRI Safe Sensor is a non-metallic version of the MR322 Sensor – developed specifically for applications requiring electromagnetic and RF transparency:
MRI facilities
EMC test labs
Anechoic chambers
Industrial applications operating under extreme electromagnetic fields
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MR325 Sensor

MR325 Series High Resolution (1024ppr) Incremental Encoder is ideal for closed-loop feedback of variable frequency drives (VFD) and other high horsepower motor drives operating in challenging environments. The MR325 is a totally passive sensor, immune to EMI and can transmit interference-free over distances up to 2500 meters.

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Position Transducers

MR304 Sensor

The MR304 Mini Rotary Encoder is a Size 11, small form factor incremental encoder offering resolution to 512ppr. It is intermountable with resolvers, synchros and conventional electronics-based encoders of the same size.

The MR304 Encoder is a 100% passive sensor which operates entirely in the optical domain. The sensor provides immunity to any electro-magnetic interferences such as lightning, radiation, magnetic fields and other harsh environment conditions. The innovative design provides 100% electrical isolation as well as immunity to high voltages – ideal for harsh environment applications such as feedback for welding robots, measuring anode position in smelters, and monitoring pantograph operation in electric rail applications.

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ZAPPY® software is distributed with every MR320 Controller and is designed to provide the user with a simple but power system configuration and diagnostics tool for the MR320 series Fiber Optic Rotary Encoder Systems. Initially, the program is used to pre-program MR320 parameters associated with various Auxialiary Functions, such as the mode and scale for setup of an analog output, etc. It is also used to verify system operation during installation, run diagnostics and facilitate system troubleshooting.
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MR320 Incremental Encoder Controller

MR320 Controller

The MR320 is the remote interface for the new 2nd Generation MR320 series ZapFREE® Fiber Optic Incremental Encoder System. The MR320 series Controller and Sensors are identical to the original MR310 series with the following enchancements:
User friendlier Duplex LC (push-pull) interface
Optical loss budget increased to 12.5dB
Encoder links up to 2.5 km
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MR324 Sensor

MR324 High Resolution (1024ppr) Hollow Shaft Incremental Encoder is ideal for closed-loop feedback of variable frequency drives (VFD) and other high capacity/high voltage motor drives operating in challenging environments. The MR324 is a totally passive sensor, immune to EMI and can transmit interference-free over distances up to 2500 meters. An Extended Temperature option offers -60°C to +150°C operation.

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MR326 Sensor

MR326 series is a heavy duty Size 90mm shaft sensor for heavy equipment applications with high bearing loads and requiring robust shaft seals. Features include:
IP66 ingress rating (resistant to powerful water jets)
Resolution options are 100, 128, 256 and 360 ppr
Optical link to MR320 Controller can extend up to 2500 meters
Temperature range options include Standard (-40°C/+80°C) and Extended (-60°C/+150°C)
Intrinsically safe – ATEX classified Simple Apparatus for use in mines and other EX rated hazardous locations
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MR302-1 Controller

The MR30X series fiber optic position sensor system is an innovative all-optical design immune to any electro-magnetic interferences such as magnetic fields, lightning, voltage, and other harsh environment conditions. The MR302-1 Controller works with any of the MR30X series fiber optic incremental encoders – rotary or linear. The Sensor is connected to the Controller via an industry-standard 62.5/125μm duplex multimode fiber optic link. The controller keeps track of position and also calculates the RPM or linear speed of the connected encoder. Both position and speed can be read via Modbus/RS485 serial interface, USB or analog output. The analog output can be configured for either ± 10V or 4-20mA output.

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MR302-2 Controller

The MR302-2 PCB Controller enables Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to compactly and cost effectively integrate MR30X series fiber optic position sensors within their own equipment designs.

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