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FEL90 FPL FR90 FRL90 Geared Encoder/Resolver/Potentiometer/Limit Switches



Cam Switches available

KS25B4 precision snap action switch or MIL Microswitch (for extreme temperature applications)

Adjustable Single Cam or Fully Programmable Double Cams, NV or NK series

Encoders available Absolute or incremental encoder, Size 36mm/1.5″ as required
Resolvers available

R11WF103 (Control Transformer, replacement for Harowe 11BRW-300-F series or Micron 73-202-730)

R11XG1071 (Control Transmitter, replacement for Harowe 11BRCX-G series or Micron 73-205-144)

R11XJ107 (Control Transitter, replacement for Harowe 11BRCX-300-J series or Micron 73-204-671)

Internal Indicator Scale 0º – 360º
Gear Ratios available 1:2 up gearing or 1:1 – 1600:1 down gearing

F..90 Series, Geared Position Transducers in 90mm/3.5″ OD Synchro Package

FEL90 = Geared Encoder

FR90   = Geared Resolver

FRL90 = Geared Limit Switch



  • Single Function or Combinational geared position transducers
  • 1-6 rotary cam switches
  • 1 or 2 or 3 geared resolvers
  • 1 or 2  or 3 geared encoders
  • Fixed connector receptable or pigtail, axial or radial mount
  • Standard housing, 90mm/3.5″ OD synchro package
  • Other housing configurations available, see Thomson Micron or Neotech replacement series for examples.
  • Custom configurations upon request, contact Sales at Micronor Sensors.


NOTE: These data sheets are for reference only and not meant for creating a part number for ordering. Contact Micronor Sales with your requirements.


FR90 Geared Resolver/Limit Switch Datasheet
FRL90 Geared Rotary Limit Switch Datasheet
FPL90 Geared Potentiometer/Limit Switch Datasheet
FEL90 Geared Encoder/Limit Switch Datasheet


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