FOTEMP Signal Conditioners


Fiber optic thermometer systems are also available for rent!

Micronor offers a complete range of fiber optic temperature sensors, probes and interfaces for temperature measurement in challenging environments. TS series fiber optic temperature probes offer immunity to RF and microwave radiation along with wide temperature range, intrinsic safety and non-invasive use. The fiber optic temperature probes can operate over -200°C to +300°C (-328°F to +572°C), and withstand harsh and corrosive environments. Typical fiber optic temperature monitoring applications include:

  • Process monitoring
  • Power transformers
  • Medical environments
  • Catheter instrumentation
  • Harsh chemical conditions, including radiation environments

Select the FOTEMP signal conditioner model best suited for your application:

>> FOTEMP Signal Conditioner Quick Guide

  • FOTEMP1-H, single channel handheld
  • FOTEMP1-2-4, company bench top model, 1-4 channels
  • FOTEMP Trafo, DIN rail mount model for multichannel and R&D applications up to 8 channels
  • FOTEMP Modular, modular rack mount system for monitoring 1-255 channels
  • FOTEMP-OEM, OEM module, 1-4 channels
  • FOTEMP-OEM-MNT, OEM PCB, 1 channel
  • Standard Calibration Range: -20°C to +300°C
  • Extended Calibration Option: -200°C to +300°C
  • All FOTEMP models include copy of FOTEMP-Assistant graphical display and data logging software

Most popular models usually available in stock:

  • FOTEMP1-H, 1-Channel Handheld, RS232
  • FOTEMP2, 2-Channel Bench Top, RS232 and USB
  • FOTEMP4, 4-Channel Bench Top, RS232 and USB
  • FOTEMP8-TRAFO, 8-Channel DIN rail mount module, RS232 and USB
  • With Standard Calibration: -20°C to +300°C