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EM Absolute Encoders

ESAMX58 and ENAMX58 absolute encoders and MR361-2 fiber optic extender system
An absolute encoder provides absolute position feedbck as a value in many forms - analog, OR digital protocols such as SSI, Profibus, Ethernet

In addition to our fiber optic encoders, Micronor offers a wide range of conventional electronics-based absolute single turn optical and magnetic rotary encoders.

  • Single turn (ST) models offer high resolution for position travel less than 360°.
  • Multiturn (MT) models are for travel > 360° and for # of turn tracking up to 65,536 (12-bit) revolutions.
  • Standard interface options are analog (0-10V or 4-20mA) or digital (SSI/BiSS).
  • For linear travel applications, we recommend a Draw Wire Encoder solution, consisting of Draw Wire Module (1.5-50m) and compatible MT Absolute Encoder (size 58mm, synchro mount, &0slash;6mm shaft).
  • Types and options include standard performance, ATEX certified, high temperature, high resolution and extra heavy duty
  • Encoder sizes available range from 36mm to 100mm OD. .
  • Additional interface/output options include Parallel, RS485, Profibus, CANopen and Ethernet.

In this section, we have deliberately limited the selection to the most popular models we sell.  Please contact Micronor Sensors sales with your special requirements.

There are EX certified (Explosion Proof, Class I, Div 1/2) encoders available in this category. However, if you are specifically looking for “Inherently Safe” encoders or position sensors, then consult the category ZapFree Fiber Optic Encoders.

Looking for Absolute Encoder with 4-20mA or 0-10V analog output?

Go to Absolute Encoder product page.

Looking for Absolute Encoder with SSI output?

Go to Absolute Encoder product page.

Looking for Draw Wire Encoder with Analog Output or SSI Interface?

Consult the product page Draw Wire Encoders for guidance. Next, identify identify the following parameters and then contact Micronor Sensors sales:

  • Full length of travel? Determines draw wire module size/length.
  • Linear resolution required?  Determines encoder resolution. Typical travel is 300mm/encoder input revolution.
  • Interface requirement – 4-20mA, 0-10V or SSI
  • Display readout required?  Display units desired (ft, m, mm, etc.)Units desired?

Looking for Measuring Wheel Encoder System for tracking absolute position with Analog or SSI output?

Consult the product page Measuring Wheel Encoder Systems for guidance. Next, identify the following parameters and then contact Micronor Sensors sales:

  • Type of media to track? Typical applications: EAF electrode, paper, plastic, metal, cloth, etc.
  • Length of travel? Standard wheels have circumference of 500mm., option 200mm wheel.
  • Linear travel resolution per pulse required?
  • Type of interface: 4-20mA, 0-10V or SSI?
  • Display readout required?  Units desired?


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