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ESAX58 (Shaft) and ENAX58 (Hollow Shaft) Absolute Single Turn Encoders with SSI Interface

ESAMX58 and ENAM58 Multiturn Absolute Encoders with SSI interface

ESAX58 (Shaft) and ENAX58 (Hollow Shaft)

Single Turn Absolute Encoders with SSI Interface


  • Universal Size 58mm
  • Available with 10-bit to 17-bit single turn resolution option (13 bits Standard)
  • SSI or BiSS interface
  • Binary or Gray Code output option
  • Available with 2048 SinCos incremental signal output option
  • SET button and LED for simple programming of Reference position
  • IP65 or IP67 ingress protection


ESAX58 (Shaft) Datasheet

ENAX58 (Hollow Shaft) Datasheet



Temperature Range -40°C to +90°C
Resolution 10-bit to 17-bit

Ordering Information

Application Recommended Configuration  
General Applications Consult configuration options on datasheet  
For Measuring Wheel Applications ESAX58.1221.B322
Description: Clamp Flange, 10mm OD Shaft, 13-bit ST + 12-bit MT Resolution, SSI Binary Coded, 10-30 VDC, Axial Pigtail, SET/DIR input with Status LED, IP65


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