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FiSpec FBG Interrogators

FiSens X100 Interrogator

FiSpec Interrogators

Interrogators for FiSens® Sensor Chains

Depending on measurement requirements, a FiSens® sensor chain is interfaced with either a FiSpec® single channel FBGX100 or 4-channel FBGX400 interrogator. With their small form factor, these units integrate all the necessary components for analysis of the FiSens® sensor chains, up to 30 points per chain, for purposes of either temperature or strain measurement. For ease of interface, these interrogators both communicate and power via single USB 2.0 interface.

FBG Interrogator and Sensors Chain Quick Guide


The following is a summary specifications and comparison of the FiSpec® interrogators. Consult the individual data sheets and manual for detailed performance and interface information.

Model FBGX100 FBGX400
Performance Category Standard Standard
Number of Channels 1 4
Sensor Points per Channel 30 30 per Channel
Total 120 for 4 Channels
Sampling Rate 1-200 Hz simultaneously 1-200 Hz simultaneously
Wavelength Range 808-880nm (W option) 808-880nm (W option)
Thermal Stability < 0.1°C/°C < 0.1°C/°C
Polarization Dependency ±5µε, ±0.5°C (typical) ±5µε, ±0.5°C (typical)
For Temperature Sensing
(per point):
Measurement Precision
Digital Resolution


from 0.1°C @ 10Hz


from 0.1°C @ 10Hz

For Strain Sensing
(per point):
Measurement Precision
Digital Resolution


from 1µε @ 10Hz


from 1µε @ 10Hz

Optical Interface FC-APC Connector, SM800 (850nm) single-mode fiber 4x FC-APC Connectors, SM800 (850nm) single-mode fiber
Digital Interfaces Micro USB, 5V UART Micro USB, 5V UART
Power Consumption 5V @ 1W 5V @ 1.5W
Dimensions/Weight 74 x 50 x 15mm, 60g 123 x 68.5 x 15.3mm, 120g
0°C to 60°C
0°C to 80°C
0°C to 60°C
0°C to 80°C
Ingress Protection IPXX IPXX

Specifications subject to change without notice
FiSens® is a registered trademark of FiSens GmbH
LabVIEW® is a registered trademark of National Instruments Corporation


  • Innovative FBG system for temperature and strain measurement
  • Lowest cost per point of any Multipoint or Distributed FBG system
  • Two models offer lowest cost/channel versus 1550nm FBG systems
  • Temperature measurement precision to 0.1°C
  • Strain measurement precision to 1µε
  • Optical radiation is Inherently Safe for EX applications
  • Interference-free transmission up to 500 meters


  • USB Interface
  • 5V UART interface (for RS485 applications)
  • Contact Sales for special interface requirements

Software Support

  • General Purpose FBG sensor software is available at no charge, based on National Instruments LabVIEW® runtime platform.
  • Single channel BRAGGSENS software is designed for use with the single channel FBGX100 interrogator ONLY.
  • Multichannel FBG-INTERROGATOR software is designed for use with all FBGX series interrogators, single/multichannel models as well as multiple units connected to a single PC, and recommended for overall ease of use.
  • Programmer/Software Manuals contain information for embedding FiSpec Interrogator communications in user-developed software. Examples are provided for Python, C, Python and National Instruments LabView.
  • Contact Sales for overall technical support


FBGX100 Datasheet
FBGX400 Datasheet
FBGX100 Drawing
FBGX400 Drawing
Quick Start Guide for BRAGGSENS software
Quick Start Guide for FBG-INTERROGATOR software
FiSpec Interrogator Programmer’s Handbook
LabView-C-Python Software Examples (ZIP)


Call +1-805-389-6600 or email

Interrogator Ordering Information

FBGX100 Standard 1-Channel Interrogator
FBGX400 Standard 4-Channel Interrogator

To specify and order an FBG Sensor Chain, go to FBG Sensor Chain product page

Quick Ship Configurations

FBGX100 Standard 1-Channel Interrogator, max 30 FBGs, Select W Wide Spectral Band Option for FBG sensor chain configuration
FBGX400 Standard 4-Channel Interrogator, max 30 FBGs per Channel, Total of 120 FBGs, Select Wide Spectral Band option for FBG sensor chain configuration
FBG-MR0010 STOCK 10-FBG Sensor Chain for Engineering Evaluation, A=P-10-W-GL-FI, B=1000-100-100-100-100-100-100-100-100-100-100-100, Compatible with FiSpec FBGX100 and FBGX400 Interrogators
FBG-MR0050 STOCK 1-FBG Sensor Chain for Engineering Evaluation, A=P-1-N-GL-FI, B=1000-200-10, Compatible with FiSpec FBGX100 and FBGX400 Interrogators

FBG Sensor Chain Ordering Code

Ordering Example

(Stock Item, FBG-MR0010)

A=P-10-W-GL-FI, B=1000-100-100-100-100-100-100-100-100-100-100-100
Description: 1m GL jacketed lead-in, bare fiber capillary with 10-FBG spaced 100mm apart, Xout=10mm
A PARAMETER Functional configuration: Fiber type, # FBGs, Lead-in and Capillary type 
Sensor/Fiber Type Options:
P = Std Polyimide-coated SM800P fiber (-250°C to +300°C)
A = Acrylate coated fiber (-40°C to +80°C)
UHT = Ultra High Temperature pure silica, unocated fiber ((-250°C to +800°C)
FBG Quantity 1 = 1 FBG, up to maximum 30 = 30 FBGs
Spectral Range N = Narrow (808-865nm), W = Wide (808-880nm)
For use with FBGX100 or FBGX400 interrogator, select either N or W
For use with FBGX150 or FBGX154 interrogator, select N only
Lead-In Protection/Jacketing Type For Standard applications, GL = Glass Textile (max 155°C)
For High Temperature Applications, SST = Stainless Steel Corrugated Tubing (max 600°C)
Sensor Capillary FI = Bare polyimided-coated fiber
PE = PEEK Tubing (max 260°C)
SSC = Stainless Steel Capillary (max 600°C)
SI = Silica capillary (max 350°C)
AC = Alumina Ceramic capillary (max 350°C)
B PARAMETER Dimensional configuration: Length and FBG spacing 
Xin Length of Lead-in in mm, Options 100-10’000 mm
X1..X30 Specify distance from previous FBGn-1 to next FBGn, in mm
X1 = Distance from end of Lead-In to FBG1
X2 = Distance from FBG1 to FBG2
X3 = Distance from FBG2 to FBG3
Xout Length of Lead-out termination in mm, 2-10mm
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