FiSpec FBG Interrogators

FiSens Sensor Chain
FiSens FBG Sensor Chains
July 24, 2020
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FOTEMP Bench Top
September 17, 2015
FiSens X100 Interrogator
FiSens X100 Interrogator

FiSpec Interrogators

Interrogators for FiSens® Sensor Chains

Depending on measurement requirements, a FiSens® sensor chain is interfaced with either a FiSpec® FBGX100 or FBGX150 interrogator. With their small form factor, these units integrate all the necessary components for analysis of the FiSens® sensor chains, up to 30 points per chain, for purposes of either temperature or strain measurement. For ease of interface, these interrogators both communicate and power via single USB 2.0 interface.


The following is a summary specifications and comparison of the FiSpec® interrogators. Consult the individual data sheets and manual for detailed performance and interface information.

Model X100 X150
Performance Category Standard High Precision
Number of Channels 1 1
Sensor Points per Channel 30 25
Sampling Rate 1-100 Hz 1-300 Hz
Wavelength Range 800-880nm 800-865nm
Thermal Stability ±5pm/K ±5pm/K
For Temperature Sensing
(per point):
Measurement Precision
Measurement Resolution



For Strain Sensing
(per point):
Measurement Precision
Measurement Resolution



Optical Interface FC-APC Connector, SM800 single-mode fiber FC-APC Connector, SM800 single-mode fiber
Digital Interface/Power Consumption USB 2.0 Full Speed / 5V @ 1W USB 2.0 Full Speed / 5V @ 1.5W
Dimensions/Weight 65mm x 48.5mm x 15.3mm, 60g 100mm x 68mm x 15mm, 120g
0°C to 60°C
0°C to 80°C
0°C to 60°C
0°C to 80°C
Ingress Protection IPXX IPXX

Specifications subject to change without notice
FiSens® is a registered trademark of FiSens GmbH
LabVIEW® is a registered trademark of National Instruments Corporation


  • Innovative FBG system for temperature and strain measurement
  • Lowest cost per point of any Multipoint or Distributed FBG system
  • Two models offer lowest cost/standard performance versus high resolution/highest speed interrogation
  • Temperature measurement precision to 0.1°C
  • Strain measurement precision to 1µε
  • Optical radiation is Inherently Safe for EX applications
  • Interference-free transmission up to 30 meters


  • USB Interface
  • Contact Sales for special interface requirements

Software Support

  • BraggSens software is LabVIEW®-based
  • ASCII protocol available for customer software integration
  • Contact Sales for application-specific engineering support


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Ordering Information

FBGX100 Standard Performance Interrogator
FBGX150 High Precision Interrogator

Quick Ship Configurations

FBGX100 X100 Interrogator, USB Interface
FBGX150 X150 Interrogator, USB Interface
XXXXX 5m Sensor Chain, 20 points