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Multi-Channel/Multi-Interrogator FBG-INTERROGATOR Monitoring Software

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FBG-InterMulti-channel/Multi-interrogator FBG-Interrogator Monitoring Software

NEW! Multi-channel/Multi-Interrogator FBG-INTERROGATOR Monitoring and Data Logging Software for use with all FiSens Interrogators as well as multiple interrogators connected to a single PC

FBG-INTERROGATOR (multi-channel and multi-unit) general purpose sensor interrogation software  is included with FiSens FBGX Interrogators for FBG monitoring via USB or UART interfaces. The software provides a flexible graphical display and data logging functionality – for both temperature and strain.

Current version of the FiSens FBG-INTERROGATOR software and programming support:

  • FiSens FBG-INTERROGATOR SOFTWARE Version 4.0, supports both Single/Multichannel Interrogators as well as Multiple Interrogators connected to same PC
  • FiSens FBG-INTERROGATOR SOFTWARE HANDBOOK V2.01, describes using the software, UDP communications protocol, and available commands
  • FiSens FiSpec Interrogator PROGRAMMER’S HANDBOOK V1.7, describes communications interface, FBG guidance, and programming code examples in LabView & C & Python
  • All versions compatible with Windows 7/8/10/11 and use Windows Installer


  • Microsoft Windows-compatible
  • Operates via USB or 5V UART
  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Supports Temperature and Strain measurements
  • LabView® and C program support available

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