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Rotary Limit Switches

Quick Guide for Electromechanical Rotary-Linear Limit Switches

Rotary limit switches are electromechanical sensors/controls consisting of an input shaft, gear reducer, signal transmitter and limit or safety switches. If desired, encoders, resolvers, power interfaces or potentiometers can also be integrated (consult category POSITION Transducers for additional product information). These products are available in a range of configurations:

  • FRL90 series are CE-approved in 90mm (3.5″) OD synchro housings for flange or servo mounting
  • KW series are CE-approved open frame for integration in customer’s housing
  • DWG series are CE-approved combination Potentiometer + Limit Switches packaged in heavy duty NEMA-style rectangular housing
  • KWG series are CE-approved general purpose units packaged in heavy duty NEMA-style rectangular housing. Available with optional MR265 4-20mA loop-powered position transducer output.
  • MR221/MR222 series are CE-approved Heavy Duty IP66-rated NEMA 4/NEMA 4X -style rectangular units available in die cast aluminum or stainless steel housing. This is our most popular series for all types of heavy duty, civil, dam, infrastructure and industrial applications. Available with optional MR265 4-20mA loop-powered position transducer output.
  • If 4-20mA Absolute Encoder Feedback is required, then check out the CE-approved Heavy Duty MR231 series. Special versions with SSI Absolute Encoders are also available.
  • NEW MR240 series with special 125VDC / 10A rated switches for power and hydroelectric plant operation. Contact sales for more information.

If you have immediate needs, we can offer most configurations of KWG120 and MR221 series rotary limit switches (both in Copper Free Corrosion Resistant Die Cast Aluminum with Powder Coat housings) with a 1 Week EXPEDITE SERVICE from our factory in Switzerland.

We also offer Draw Wire Linear Limit Switches.  These are our above rotary limit switches mounted to a Draw Wire module to provide linear motion.  Travel lengths are available from 1.5m to 50m. 


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