TS2 Fiber Optic Temperature Probe


Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor

The TS2 fiber optic temperature probe was designed for a wide range of applications, especially for the use inside of generators, power transformers as well as bus bars, R&D and industrial applications and offers complete immunity to RFI, EMI, NMR and microwave radiation.

The TS probe consists of a PTFE coated glass fiber and a GaAs crystal mounted on the fiber tip. The sensor is entirely passive and non-metallic. The sensor is especially suitable for high temperature ranges (-200°C to +300°C) as well as aggressive and harsh test environments. The sensor cable can be up to several meters and kilometers long without influencing the accuracy of the measurement result.

Starting at 850nm, GaAs becomes optically translucent for which the position of the band gap is temperature dependent. The FOTEMP signal conditioners contain a light source and a device for the spectral detection of the band gap.


Name of sensor TS2, The comprehensive
Temperature range — 200°C to + 300°C
Accuracy +/— 0.2°C
Response time ≤ 2,0s
Fiber Ø 200μm
Sensor length

2m and 6m standard

Other lengths available upon request

Optical Connector

ST standard

Other connectors types available

Signal conditioner Compatible with all FOTEMP series fiber optic thermometers.

Specifications subject to change without notice



  • Temperature Range: —200°C to +300°C
  • High Accuracy: +/— 0.2°C
  • Completely non-conductive
  • Immune to RFI, EMI, NMR and microwave radiation
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures
  • Stable and repeatable measurement
  • GaAs-based temperature sensor
  • Distances up to 2000 meters


  • High voltage distribution power lines, e.g. electric trains, utilities
  • Gas translated power breakers
  • Power bars, bus-bars
  • General purpose




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