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MR346-MRAD Incremental Measuring Wheel System



Fiber Optic MRAD Measuring Wheel System

The Fiber Optic MRAD Measuring Wheel System is designed for challenging environment test and monitoring applications where EMI immunity and/or long distance feedback is required. A special Measuring Arm (part number 9350.02.093) and 0.5-meter tufted rubber-coated Measuring Wheel (part number 9350.02.095) has been designed for use with the MR346 Fiber Optic Incremental Encoder (360ppr resolution). Sample applications include:

  • Monitoring wheel speed of electric wheelchairs during dynamometer testing (EMI immunity required)
  • Monitoring rotation of the new High Roller ferris wheel in Las Vegas
  • Monitoring conveyor system in high voltage process environment
  • EMC and Dynamometer test suites

Ordering Info (purchase one each to assemble a MR346-MRAD system)

MR340-1 DIN Rail Mount Controller
MR346-D12D00 Rotary Encoder, 360ppr, IP-LC
9350.02.093 Spring loaded arm (with mounting screws for MR346 Encoder)
9350.02.095 0.5m tufted rubber-coated wheel (other wheel types available upon request)
MR398-H26-CDxxx or MR398-H26-CCxxx FO Extension Cable, where xxx=length in meters
NOTE: Consult above MR398 FO Cabling datasheet for cable configurations, length options and bulkhead adapters


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