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TD5334 Incremental Encoder Film Strips


TD5334 Incremental Film Strips

Incremental Encoder Film Strips for use with MR343 Linear Encoder

EC-TD5334-XXX series is an in-stock range of incremental encoder film strips for use with MR343 Linear Encoder

Custom encoder strips can be executed for a Non-Recurring Engineering charge depending on length. Maximum length is 1500mm. For longer lengths, customer should consider a Draw String Encoder (incremental or absolute) solution. Both metal and non-metallic wire solutions are available. Contact Micronor sales to discuss your Fiber Optic Linear Encoder or Position Sensor requirements.


Parameter Description
Film Base KODAK ARD 7 ESTAR based, 0.007in thick
Basic Code Dimension Code Spacing=0.400mm, Line Width=0.185mm, Height=6.000mm
Standard Strips
EC-TD5334-033 Length=762.000mm, Code Length=355.600mm, Code Start=203.200mm, Code End=558.800mm
EC-TD5334-111 Length=508.000mm, Code Length=152.400mm, Code Start=177.800mm, Code End=330.200mm
EC-TD5334-121 Length=314.100mm, Code Length=140.600mm, Code Start=84.100mm, Code End=224.700mm
EC-TD5334-122 Length=95.300mm, Code Length=56.000mm, Code Start=32.300mm, Code End=88.300mm
EC-TD5334-123 Length=130.000mm, Code Length=79.000mm, Code Start=20.000mm, Code End=99.000mm
EC-TD5334-124 Length=140.000mm, Code Length=90.000mm, Code Start=30.000mm, Code End=120.000mm
EC-TD5334-125 Length=140.000mm, Code Length=90.000mm, Code Start=20.000mm, Code End=110.000mm
EC-TD5334-126 Length=120.000mm, Code Length=58.000mm, Code Start=12.000mm, Code End=70.000mm
EC-TD5334-127 Length=314.000mm, Code Length=180.000mm, Code Start=62.000mm, Code End=242.000mm
EC-TD5334-128 Length=314.000mm, Code Length=222.000mm, Code Start=17.000mm, Code End=239.000mm
EC-TD5414 Length=1200.000mm, Code Length=1000.000mm, Code Start=100.000mm, Code End=1100.000mm

Specifications subject to change without notice


  • Many standard configurations available
  • Download “drawing” for drawings of standard film products
  • Custom film strips available upon request
  • Contact Micronor sales with your requirements




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