Rotary Limit Switches

Heavy Duty Geared Limit Switch


Heavy Duty Geared Limit Switch with Optional Encoder Mounting

FRL125 series are geared limit switches with optional user mounted encoder (absolute or incremental)

For special geared resolver/encoder/limit switch packages, contact Sales at Micronor Inc.


Switches S870, 10A 250 VAC, 6A 24 VDC
with Screw Connections
Cams 2x 30º and 4x 180º single cams
Optional Encoder ø12mm Hollow Shaft With Stator Coupling
Input Ratios 1:1 – 1000:1
Internal Indicator Dial 0° – 360°
Temperature -40°C to +85°C
Ingress Protection IP66


  • 6 cam switches
  • Space for mounting Encoder or Potentiometer
  • Cable output, exit can be changed by turning the unit
  • Heavy duty 125mm housing
  • IP66 ingress protection
  • Special versions available



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