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FOTEMP-Assistant screen captutr


Multichannel Data Logging Software For Use With Any FOTEMP Interface Unit

FOTEMP-ASSISTANT display and data acquisition software is included with all FOTEMP signal conditioners and interfaces. The software provides a flexible graphical display and record of the temperature and temperature gradients – both real-time and historical.

About the available versions:

  • Updated Version 2, Designed for Windows 7/8/10, Uses Windows Installer, Version, Released August 2022
  • Older Version 1, Designed for Windows XP and runs on Windows 7/8.1/10, Self Executing Program-No Installer, Released August 2008

NOTE: If using USB connection, be sure to install the FTDI USB VCP Driver (included with ZIP Software Download File) before connecting the FOTEMP unit to your PC. Note the Virtual COM port (VCP) number assigned to the FOTEMP unit when starting up the FOTEMP-Assistant software.


  • Microsoft Windows-compatible
  • RS232 or USB compatible
  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • Supports one-point calibration
  • Min and Max temperature limit can be set per channel
  • Automatic storage of data (data logging)
  • Data can be exported to a Microsoft Excel file
  • LabView® and Python support available