MRI Safe Encoders

MR338 Fiber Optic MRI Safe Absolute Encoder

Micronor MRI-compatible fiber optic position sensors are non-metallic versions of our standard fiber optic encoder products. Typical applications include:

  • Functional MRI (fMRI) research
  • MRI Phantoms
  • Medical apps requiring patient-instrument electrical isolation
  • EMC test systems requiring position sensors with RF transparency
  • Other industrial applications operating under extreme electromagnetic fields

Available products:

  • MR343 Linear Incremental Encoder
  • MR348 Rotary Incremental Encoder
  • MR338 Rotary Absolute Encoder
  • MR431 POF Rotary Absolute Encoder
  • EC-TD5325 MRI Safe Absolute Draw String Encoder
  • EC-TD5392 MRI Safe Incremental Draw String Encoder

Link For MRI Safe Linear Encoders


The following is a summary of the configuration of the 9000.07.205 position transducer. Consult separate 9000.07.205 Technical Description document for detailed performance and interface information.

Style 3.5″ Synchro Mount Package
Resolver R1 Direct Drive 200:1, R11XG1071
Replaces OEM Model Neotech N-350073

Specifications subject to change without notice


  • Direct replacement for Neotech N-350073
  • R1=200:1




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