Incremental Encoders


Micronor offers a full range of industrial grade, incremental rotary encoders for a wide range of applications. Besides the standard optical and magnetic encoders described here, we also offer ZapFREE® Fiber Optic Rotary Encoders which are ideally suited for the most challenging environments, hazardous locations and applications subject to lightning, radiation and/or extreme electromagnetic fields.

  • Available in either hollow shaft (ENI series) or solid shaft (ESI series) configurations
  • Standard performance, ATEX certified, high temperature, high resolution and extra heavy duty models
  • Sizes 24mm…100mm

In this section, we have deliberately limited the selection to the most popular models sold in North America. If you do not find a compatible configuration for your application, please contact Micronor sales or visit our factory website

If you are looking for absolute encoders with SSI, RS485, 0-10V, 4-20mA, Profibus, CANopen or other interface, these interface options are only supplied on Absolute Encoders.

There are EX certified (Explosion Proof, Class I, Div 1/2) encoders available in this category. However, if you are specifically looking for “Inherently Safe, Simple Appartus” encoders or position sensors, then consult the category Fiber Optic ATEX Encoders which actually applies to all of our ZapFREE® fiber optic encoders and sensors.


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