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MR398-JBPC-CC (Duplex-LC to Duplex-LC)
MR398-JBPC-CD (Duplex-LC to ODVA LC-Duplex)
MR398-JBPC-DD (ODVA LC-Duplex to ODVA LC-Duplex)


Fiber Optic Environmental Junction Boxes

MR398-JB series fiber optic junction boxes are designed to join two fiber optic cables and environmentally protect the connection. The junction boxes are designed to seal the incoming cables while accommodating varying diameter of fiber cables that might be used in the field. The sealing is accomplished by building up the cable jacket to the desired 12.4mm of the cable glands employed. The thru-hole of the cable gland is sufficient to allow insertion of Duplex LC or ST connectors. Current models accept Duplex LC, ST and ODVA Industrial Duplex LC. All models have an Ingress Protection Rating of IP65.

Contact Micronor for junction boxes to meet your special requirements, including other connector types and multi-fiber breakout and festoon cables.


Micronor 8200.01.001 is a plug-and-play replacement for Micron 36-205-488-1888 Position Feedback Transducer/PAU

Style 7″ Servo Mount Package
Resolver R1 1:10 (Fine)
Resolver R2 10:1 (Medium)
Resolver R3 500:1 (Coarse)
Resolver R11WF103
Speed 1
Frequency (Hz) 2500
Transformation Ratio 0.5
 Receptacle Type MS3102A-22-14P (19 Pin)




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