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MR330 Controller



Controller Module

The MR330-1 Controller Module is the active optical and electrical interface for the MR330 series ZapFREE® Fiber Optic Absolute Position Sensor System. The module incorporates multiple built-in interfaces for compatibility with PLCs, motor drives and other motion control systems.



The following is a summary of MR330-1 performance specifications when used to operate the MR332 Sensor. Consult separate MR330 Instruction Manual for detailed performance and interface information.

Position Measurement  
Single Turn ResolutionI 13 bits (8192 counts, 0.044°), 14 bits (13.950 counts, 0.025°)
Multi-Turn Tracking 12 bits (4096 turns)
Electrical Interfaces  
SSI 25 bits, Programmable baudrate 25 kHz -250 kHz
RS485/Modbus RTU 56,200 Baud Default, Consult instruction manual for software protocol details
USB USB, Disables Modbus interface when used
Current Output Isolated 4-20mA (270V isolation maximum), Output scalable by user
Voltage Output -10V to +10V, Non-Isolated, Output scalable by user
Digital Outputs 0-24V maximum 10 mA Load (Zero + two programmable Set Points)
Power Supply +16 VDC to +32 VDC, 100 mA max at 24 VDC

During Power Up, external power supply should be capable of 200 mA momentary output

Interface Update Rate  
Angular Speed (É) 250 radians/second or 2400 RPM for accurate position reporting
Update Rate 1.17 kHz (850 μs)
Reporting Delay SSI: Maximum 800 μs (time from actual position to SSI output)

Analog Outputs: Maximum 1.0 ms

Optical Interface  
Interface LC Duplex, 62.5/125μm graded index fiber, 0.275NA, Type OM1
System Loss Budget 2dB at 850nm
Maximum Optical Link Length Up to 300 m (1000 ft)
Explosive Atmospheres Interently Safe Optical Radiation
Ex classification Controller shall be installed in non-hazardous location only Power supply to Controller shall be current limited to 200mA IECEx Test Report (IECExTR) GB/CML/ExTR 16.0070/00
IEC Ex EPL Mb/Gb/Gc/Db/Dc
NEC Exempt
Environmental Performance  
Temperature/Humidty Operating: 0°C to +45°C, Storage: -15°C to +65°C, 25-95% RH (non-condensing)
Ingress Protection IP30
Physical Attributes
Housing Dimensions 102 mm W x 102 mm D x 68 mm H, includes 35mm DIN rail mount
Unit Weight 600g (22 oz)

Specifications subject to change without notice


  • Absolute 0-360° position sensor with 14-bit resolution
  • Multi-turn tracking to 4096 turns (12-bits)
  • EX rated Inherently Safe Optical Radiation
  • Sensor can be installed in any manner of hazardous location or explosive atmosphere – gas, dust or mines
  • Controller is installed outside the hazardous area
  • Interference-free transmission up to 300 meters


  • SSI Interface
  • USB interface
  • RS485/Modbus RTU serial interface
  • RS232 with optional MR232-1 adapter
  • Programmable 4-20mA output
  • Programmable ±10V output
  • Programmable Digital Set Points
  • National Instruments LabVIEW™ drivers available


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