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MR361-2 series Fiber Optic Extender for SSI ST & MT Absolute Encoders

MR361-2 series Fiber Optic Transmitter/Receiver Pair for SSI Absolute Encoders
System Application Diagram of MR361-2 Fiber Optic Encoder Extender Systems

Typical MR361-2 VFD application requiring interference-free transmission of incremental encoder feedback, i.e cranes, drum hoist, dam gate, VFD drive systems, etc. Noisy motor drive lines corrupt sensitive encoder feedback routed in parallel via conventional electrical wiring.

Product Features

  • Simple and safe means of extending encoder distance
  • Provides interference-free transmission up to 2000m  (6500′)
  • Compact DIN rail mount FO XMTR and RVCR modules
  • SSI Clock rate up to 1 MHz
  • Models for +5 VDC or +10-30 VDC Encoders
  • Models for Wire Terminals only or DSub Encoder Connection
  • Status LED for monitoring power supply and clock
Quick Guide for FO Absolute Encoders and FO SSI Encoder Extender System


Fiber Optic Extender System for SSI Absolute Encoders

The MR361-2 series Fiber Optic Extender Solution allows conventional electronics-based single turn and multi-turn absolute encoders of all manufacturers (electronics based, optical or magnetic, such as Micronor ESA/ESAMX/ENA/ENAMX series) to reach longer distances by converting the encoder’s SSI Clock+Data signals to optical signals which can then be transmitted interference-free up to 2000 meters.

The system is made up of a MR361-2 fiber optic transmitter and a MR361-2 fiber optic receiver. The transmitter converts the electrical signals of a nornall SSI absolute encoder into a light signal by means of an optical fiber. The receiver module converts the optical signals back into electrical signals which connect to the Encoder SSI interface of a PLC, motor drive or other SSI device. A rotary switch on the front side of the module allows adjusting the SSI clock between 1 and 99 bits.

The system provides some of the benefits of a Fiber Optic Encoder System (see MR330 and MR430 POF  Mini Encoder series) when that solution might be impractical for a given application, or when a conventional encoder is already in place. The passive nature and inherent safety of fiber optics provides a safe means of routing sensitive encoder signals through noisy electrical areas or hazardous locations. The MR361-2 system operates with complete transparency to the motion control or motor drive system with an SSI interface.


  • Applications sensitive to interference
  • Passing signals safely through explosive areas (dust, gas and chemical) – oil, gas, mining/extracting, refining, chemical and food processing
  • Passing signals safely through high voltage fields – welding robots, switchgear, and arc furnaces
  • Mines, conveyors, and other motion control applications extending long distances
  • Variable Frequency Drive systems (VFD)
  • Medical


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SSI Absolute Encoder Type Transmitter Module with Terminal Clamps Receiver Module with Transmitter Clamps
10-30V Encoders  (Type 0) MR361-2-0-0-0 MR361-2-1-0-0
5V Encoders  (Type 1) MR361-2-0-1-0 MR361-2-1-1-0
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