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MR330 Series Absolute Encoder System

MR330 Series Absolute Encoder System

MR330 Fiber Optic Absolute Encoder

MR330 Series

Fiber Optic Absolute Rotary Encoders

Micronor MR330 series is the only 100% Passive Fiber Optic Absolute Position Sensor System available on the market today. The innovative design is based on an all-optical passive sensor and remote interrogator module interconnected by an industry-standard multimode fiber optic link. Features include:

  • Passive sensor requires no remote power supply, isolation barriers or EX cabinets
  • Immune to any electro-magnetic interference such as lightning, radiation and magnetic fields
  • Temperature range -40°C to +80°C
  • Sensors are Ex classified “simple mechanical device” and can be installed in all manner of hazardous locations and explosive environments – mines, gas and dust
  • Controller provides “inherently safe, optical radiation” and can be installed in non-hazardous location up to 300 meters away
  • ATEX approved for EPL Mb/Gb/Gc/Db/Dc applications
  • Provides interference-free position feedback over long distances
  • Outperforms resolvers and electronics-based encoders in harsh and hazardous environments

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Product lines:

  • MR332 Sensor for harsh environment, industrial applications
  • MR338 MRI Safe Sensor for MRI and similar applications requiring both immunity andmagnetically invisibility to the imaging process
  • MR330-1 DIN Rail Mount Controller
  • Single and Dual Encoder Data Acquisition Software available for synchronizing position with MRI scans

The MR330 Fiber Optic Position Sensor measures absolute angular position from 0° to 360° with 13/14 bit resolution and multiturn tracking up to 12 bits (4096 turns). The system can operate at full accuracy at speeds > 2500 rpm and distances > 300 meters. This sensor system uses a novel optical spectral imprint technique.

Link for downloading MOV file which can be played with Windows Media Player or Quicktime (5:00 running time, file size 18Mb)