Fiber Optic Temperature System

Fiber Optic Signaling Devices
February 23, 2017
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FiSens FBG Sensor Chains
July 24, 2020

FOTEMP® Series

Fiber Optic Signal Conditioners

Micronor offers a wide selection of Fiber Optic Signal Conditioners to best match your Temperature sensing needs. Their modern design records the temperature measurement accurately and has an update rate of 250ms per channel. With individual controllers, we can offer anything from a single-channel OEM and handheld Modules to Multi-Channel Benchtop and DIN Rail Mount Modules. For applications requiring greater than 24 channels or a faster update rate, we have a Modular System offering up to 255 channels. Most of our signal conditioners come standard with USB & RS232 and a calibration range of -40°C to +300°C. We also offer the option for Ethernet Interface, Analog Outputs, Programmable Relays, or an Extended Calibration for measuring cryogenic temperatures (-200°C).

NOTE: FOTEMP® is a registered trademark of Weidmann Holding AG

TS Series

Fiber Optic Temperature Probes

Gallium-Arsenide based (GaAs) fiber optic temperature sensors offer an inherent absolute, high precision temperature measurement in the most difficult environments. Their entirely non-metallic and passive optical design allows for a vast amount of applications such as high voltage, microwave, radiation, sensitive medical or laboratory conditions, hazardous locations, and extreme magnetic fields. In these settings, conventional thermocouples and RTDs are incompatible and, sometimes, dangerous.