MR320 Controller

MR324 Hollow Shaft Encoder
March 30, 2015

MR320 Controller

MR320 Incremental Encoder Controller


Controller for MR320 Series Fiber Optic Incremental Encoders

The MR320 Controller module is the active optical and electrical interface for the MR320 series ZapFREE® Fiber Optic Incremental Encoder System. The module incorporates multiple built-in interfaces for compatibility with PLCs, motor drives and other motion control systems.



Electrical Interfaces

DIRECT Quadrature Outputs



70kHz max. (Contact Micronor concerning modifications for higher bandwidth applications.)

A/B Push-Pull and A/A’/B/B’ RS422 Line Driver

POSITION COUNTER Range Direction/Sign Bit plus 24-bit counter value (±8,388,607, equivalent to 8,192 revolutions with MR324 1024ppr encoder). Both software and hardware Zero (calibration) Set available.
DIVIDER Quadrature Outputs DIVIDER range is 2-8192. A/A’/B/B’ Line Driver (A/B Push-Pull available as option,)

Analog Outputs

Current Output:

Voltage Output:

Each output is individually programmable for POSITION (full-scale range of 1-8,388,607 counts) or SPEED (full-scale range of 10-10,000 RPM)

Range: 0mA to 24mA, Max Burden Resistance: 500Ω (24V supply)

Range: ±12V; Max Current: 5mA (2kΩ load); Short Circuit < 5 seconds

RS422/485 Interface Direct connection via J3, also Modbus (RTU) compatible)
RS232 Interface With optional MR232-1 Converter Cable
Modbus interface Modbus (RTU) compatible RS422/RS485 interface
USB interface USB, disables RS485/Modbus interface when used
Electrical Connections J1, J2 J3 connections via WAGO QuickConnect Plugs (supplied with MR320)
Optical Interface
Optical Interface LC Duplex, 62.5/125μm Graded Index Fiber, 0.275NA, Type OM1
System Loss Budget 12.5dB
Maximum Optical Link Length

Up to 2500 meters (8300 ft) with MR320 series Sensors

NOTE: Contact Micronor for longer distance requirements.

Power Supply
Power Supply Input +15VDC to +32VDC, 60mA (During Power Up, power supply should be capable of delivering a momentary current in excess of 100mA.)
+5V Output 10mA maximum load. (Designed for powering MR232-1 RS485/RS232 adapter cable)
Explosive Atmospheres Inherently Safe, Optical Radiation
EX Classification Controller shall be installed in non-hazardous location only
Power supply to controller shall be current limited to 200mA
IECEx Test Report (ExTR) GB/CML/ExTR  16.0039/00
EX EPL Mb/Gb/Gc/Db/Dc
NEC Exempt
Environmental Performance
Temperature/Humidity -5° to +55°C / 30% to 85% RH (non-condensing)
Ingress Protection IP40
Physical Attributes
Mounting 35mm DIN Rail
Housing Dimensions 102mm W x 102mm D x 68mm H
Weight 300g (10.5oz)

Specifications subject to change without notice


  • Mounts on standard 35mm DIN rail
  • Operates from +15C to +32 VDC power supply
  • Inherently Safe Optical Radiation
  • Controller is installed outside of hazardous area
  • Interference-free transmission up to 2500 meters


  • A/B quadrature outputs – line driver and push-pull
  • Programmable 4-20mA output, Postion or Speed
  • Programmable ±10V output, Postion or Speed
  • USB interface
  • RS485/Modbus RTU interface
  • RS232 with Optional MR232-1 adapter


Call 805.389.6600

Ordering Information

RS232 Adapter  MR232-1

For Standard (Metallic) Sensors, consult MR322, MR324, MR325 and MR326 data sheets
For MRI Safe (Non-Metallic) Sensor, consult MR328 data sheet