RE Encoders Incremental


Fiber Optic MRAD Measuring Wheel System

The Fiber Optic MRAD Measuring Wheel System is designed for challenging environment test and monitoring applications where EMI immunity and/or long distance feedback is required. A special Measuring Arm (part number 9350.02.093) and 0.5-meter tufted rubber-coated Measuring Wheel (part number 9350.02.095) has been designed for use with the MR346 Fiber Optic Incremental Encoder (360ppr resolution). Sample applications include:

  • Monitoring wheel speed of electric wheelchairs during dynamometer testing (EMI immunity required)
  • Monitoring rotation of the new High Roller ferris wheel in Las Vegas
  • Monitoring conveyor system in high voltage process environment
  • EMC and Dynamometer test suites



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