Fiber Optic U-Beam

The MR382 Fiber Optic Slot sensor is a turn-key optical solution for implementing edge detection, code reading, or proximity sensing in MRI Environments.


Fiber Optic Microswitch
MR386 Fiber Optic Microswitch

The World’s First Fiber Optic Microswitch is the ideal replacement for the industry standard V-15 Electrical Micro Switch. With its entirely optical and non-metallic design, this Microswitch can be used in a variety of applications such as MRI Cradle Tracking, Petrochemical Valve Management, Cam Timer Control, and virtually limitless others.


Fiber Optic Emergency Stop
MR387 E-Stop

The MR387 Emergency Stop System offers a cost-effective solution for potentially explosive atmospheres. The entirely Optic design makes this E-Stop an inherently safe, simple mechanical device that can be installed in a variety of hazardous locations.