MICRONOR offers a range of Linear Absolute Encoder solutions for applications where linear position must be precisely monitored, and electromagnetic or high voltage immunity is required.  Examples include:

  • MRI Peripherals and Medical Device
  • MRI guide surgical and biopsy robots
  • MRI phantoms
  • Functional MRI (fMRI) research
  • EMC test systems
  • Hydraulic-powered cylinders and booms
  • Mil/Aero Directed Energy and Radar applications

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Linear Encoder Products and Solutions:

  • If  you are looking for Incremental Linear Encoders, use this Link
  • Draw Wire Encoders consisting of a Draw Wire Module coupled to a MR332 Rotary Position Sensor. Draw Wire Sensor options available in lengths from 1 meter to 50 meters.
  • EC-TD5325 MRI Safe Pull Tape Absolute Position Sensor (contact Micronor sales for information)
  • MR330-1 DIN Rail Mount Controller for mounting in control cabinets
Fiber Optic Linear Absolute Encoders

MR330-1 DIN Controller

The MR330-1 DIN Controller allows System Integrators and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to mount the MR330 series Controller with their control cabinets.

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MRI String Encoder

EC-TD5325 MRI Safe Pull-Tape Linear Cradle Position Sensor

The EC-TD5325 MRI Safe Pull-Tape Linear Encoder System is an innovative all-optical, passive design which is immune to any electro-magnetic interference such as magnetic fields, lightning and high voltages. Its non-metallic construction makes the sensor entirely MRI safe, being both immune and invisible to magnetic fields.

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